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Who pees a little when they laugh? I guess this ginger does! Check out my new Poise commercial that rolled out this week!

It was so much fun on set! Brooke Burke-Charvet was a pleasure to work with. Too bad our whole Busby Berkeley number didn’t make it in the final cut. But it was a blast on set working with those giant “pads”. And no, that is not a wig – it is all me baby!

Directed by Fred Goss with Bullitt and starring Brooke Burke-Charvet, it is part of Poise’s “Seize your Poise moment” campaign. After having 4 kids, Brooke Burke-Charvet knows life can be hectic and that Poise® can help women.

And here it is! Check out Dixie Perkinson and I in the new Southwest Airlines commercial! Keep your eyes peeled during football cause I hear it is playing heavy during the games.

Directed by Jun Diaz and produced by Smuggler Inc.

Southwest Airlines “Rental Car”

After purchasing their flights with Southwest Rapid Reward Points, two lovely ladies decide to upgrade to their rental car with all of the money they saved.

I can’t wait to share this one with y’all. I had so much fun on set today! It is always so hard keeping all of the details secret until it airs. I think this one will come out in the fall, around football time. So keep your eyes peeled and let me know as soon as you see it. You all usually spot it before I know it’s even out!

Who’s dat rich beyotch? ME! It’s MMMMEEEEEE! I mean who can resist a girl in leopard! Right? Check out my new Sprint commercial that rolled out today!

Directed by Wayne McClammy with Hungry Man Productions and co-starring Grace Bannon, it is part of Sprint’s “Some People Are Just Too Rich To Care” campaign where “Some people are stupid rich. For the rest of us there’s Sprint.”

What a great birthday present! Shooting a new national commercial this week. More details to come!

There is nothing like getting a little hometown love to start your day off right – especially the kind you had no idea was coming. I was wondering why I was getting so many facebook friend requests in the span of a few hours when someone kindly forwarded me the following article from a local South Dakota radio station:

Who is the Hot Looking Red Head From Sioux Falls That is in the ‘M&M’s’ Commercial?

Lookout January Jones, Mary Hart, and Pat O’Brien, there’s a new comer that is starting to make some noise in the acting community that also originates from Sioux Falls.
Her name is Samantha Colburn.
You might have seen Samantha recently in a 2013 M&M’s commercial titled “Devour.” She played an extremely attractive red head name Kristin, that has a hard time steering clear of chocolate.

Many thanks to Marc Elliot and the whole gang at b102.7 for the shout out!

Read all the gory details HERE

Twix just rolled out their “new” ’90s campaign for Twix Bites! Check me out in their TWIX® Bites – Virtual Pet #TBT spot.

“Wondering why they didn’t come out with Twix Bites in the ‘90s? It might have had something to do with their office pet.”

What a busy week! First my movie Crazy Bitches rocked the Ford Amphitheatre for Outfest and the very next day I get to shoot another commercial! July is looking pretty good in my book.

Check out my Twix Bites Commercial!

What a great shoot! Just wrapped up shooting a new national commercial. I don’t know the date it is set to air yet. But keep checking back for updates.

Who’s that redhead working at Best Buy?!?! What a nice belated Valentine’s Day gift! My new national commercial for Best Buy just started airing this weekend!

If I may say so…my Valentine’s Day homemade crème brûlées might beg to differ with my character’s baking skills, or lack there of ;).