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Yay! We know have a trailer! The Storyteller, the feature film I shot this summer, is in full post-production swing and now we have a trailer up. Check it out and let me know what you think!


The love of an enchanted young girl brings wonder and healing to a broken family.

On the run from her mysterious past and guided by a fairy that no one else can see, Abby sparks a daisy chain of compassion, bringing joy and music back into the family.

The Storyteller is a powerful exploration of belief and the true definition of family.


The film was produced from an award winning original screenplay titled, “The Storyteller.” Out of nearly 9,000 feature length screenplays submitted last year, our script won second place in the Family Film category for the prestigious “PAGE International Screenplay Awards.”

Starring: Samantha Colburn, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Cassidy Mack, Constance Towers, James Snyder, Eden Espinosa & Kristina Wagner

Directed By: Joe Crump

Written By: Joe Crump, Rachel Noll

Produced By: Rachel Noll


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Well, I was back in the commercial saddle again today! Long day but a ton of fun. Not sure when this one is going to drop. But you all will be the first to know! As usual, I can’t tell you much…but I think it is safe to say we laughed a ton on set. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!

Here it is! Let me know if you catch it on tv.

I just got back from gorgeous Santa Barbara, CA for a whole weekend of filming for an all new national commercial! What a great shoot! Amazing cast and crew. Very epic. Definitely filmmaking on a grand scale. Looks like this one is going to run during football playoffs so keep your eyes peeled!

My John Hancock commercial is now airing! Can you spot me even though it is black and white? It was so much fun dressing up all 1950s style. I wish you could see all of the details. They even gave me a fire-engine red manicure!

A Park Pictures Production with Hill Holliday, it was directed by shot by Lance Acord.

“Marriage leads to new beginnings of a different world, and John Hancock strives to provide customers with the investment and retirement advice they want.”

Just wrapped up shooting a new national commercial today! Super fun. I can’t wait to share it with you! Should start airing in mid-September sometime. Keep your eyes on football and you should spot it. Let me know when you see it!

Day 4 and we are all dried out and back inside! We are shooting scenes out of order as per usual but with all this hopping around I catch myself (along with the director, dp and key makeup artist) jumping for my script just to double check where we are now!

I am so excited to be working with our Emmy Award-winning hair and makeup artist Linda Rondinella, a.k.a. Queen of the Braids!

When the script calls for rain we call the local fire department! Make it rain Fred!

And then some crazy person thought it was a good idea to ask me run through that rain, across a soggy lawn, while in a pencil skirt and wearing 6 inch heels! I guess that lawn is now good and aerated. Did I mention I do my own stunts?

It’s Day 2 on The Storyteller set and we are sticking with interiors today. Which is good because it is something like 95° and 90% humidity! Hot and sticky in Indiana. We also busted out the speed rail for a little dolly action.

You can also see our sound guy Bud Osborne mic-ing up little Brooklyn and myself. Gotta have good sound! And yes, those house slippers were they only pair of shoes I was left with after wardrobe raided my suitcases. But now I had an excuse to wear them out and about and even to the grocery store! Exciting times.

Let the whirlwind begin! Today was Day 1 of our crazy 18 day shoot for my upcoming feature film The Storyteller and we totally hit the ground running. First day of shooting and I got to show off my awesome corn shucking skills! Plus the spit bucket has already made an appearance. No matter how good it tastes, one can only eat so much corn.

On a serious note, I got to work with both of my costars Brooklyn Silzer and Cassidy Mack and WOW! They are two very talented actresses. I can’t wait to see where our characters take us!




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