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How cool is this y’all?!? Talk about blast from the past, everyone’s favorite M&Ms commercial is headed across the pond to air in France for a while. So Cool!!! If anyone spots it over there, let me know!

Just wrapped up filming for a new national commercial today. No hints as to when we’ll see it but let me know if my face pops up on your screens. You’ll probably see it before I do!

My campaign for Old Navy is finally up! Check it out! I’ve got 5 different videos going on new media platforms. It was a wonderful shoot and I got to make a ton of crazy faces PLUS work with the actor Regan Burns, which was such a pleasure! Directed by Alf Seccombe and produced by RadicalMedia.

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :52

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :22

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :15

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :15 v.2

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :05

Well, I was back in the commercial saddle again today! Long day but a ton of fun. Not sure when this one is going to drop. But you all will be the first to know! As usual, I can’t tell you much…but I think it is safe to say we laughed a ton on set. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!

Here it is! Let me know if you catch it on tv.

I just got back from gorgeous Santa Barbara, CA for a whole weekend of filming for an all new national commercial! What a great shoot! Amazing cast and crew. Very epic. Definitely filmmaking on a grand scale. Looks like this one is going to run during football playoffs so keep your eyes peeled!

My John Hancock commercial is now airing! Can you spot me even though it is black and white? It was so much fun dressing up all 1950s style. I wish you could see all of the details. They even gave me a fire-engine red manicure!

A Park Pictures Production with Hill Holliday, it was directed by shot by Lance Acord.

“Marriage leads to new beginnings of a different world, and John Hancock strives to provide customers with the investment and retirement advice they want.”

Just wrapped up shooting a new national commercial today! Super fun. I can’t wait to share it with you! Should start airing in mid-September sometime. Keep your eyes on football and you should spot it. Let me know when you see it!

Check out my latest commercial! Shot back in February. Featuring the wonderful Stephanie Courtney as Flo, Austin Horick as my husband Dale and Billy Jayne as his biker buddy.

“While pumping gas, Dale’s double life is exposed. His biker friend Rob, after recognizing his friend, asks him what the minivan is all about. Attempting to deny ownership, his plans are ruined when his wife pops her head out the window to ask if he needs moisturizer and if his tummy is calm enough to ride in the front seat. Progressive spokesperson Flo tells Dale to own it — plenty of people drive a car as well as a bike, and if you bundle the insurance for both he might save money. However, the reputation damage is already done in front of his motorcycle buddy.”

What a great Valentine’s Day present!?!? I booked another national commercial this week. Shooting next week some time. Yay!

As always check back often and I will let you know the details as soon as it starts to air!