How cool is this y’all?!? Talk about blast from the past, everyone’s favorite M&Ms commercial is headed across the pond to air in France for a while. So Cool!!! If anyone spots it over there, let me know!

Amazing time on set today! I am so honored to be playing journalist extraordinaire Deanna Johnson in the feature film version of New York Times best-selling author Sylvia Day’s Afterburn/Aftershock novels! It was a whirlwind but such a pleasure to work with the director Tosca Musk and her company Passionflix and I even got to meet the woman behind it all…writer Sylvia Day herself! It is slated to debut on in November. How fast is that!?!? I’ll keep y’all posted with updates when we get closer to the day.

But if you can’t wait until then, go buy the books! And psssttt…Deanna is also in her Crossfire series! Cool Beans y’all!

So much for last night at Outfest 2017! I was so grateful to be a part of the cast for Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama’s “Other People’s Kids” as part of the Outfest Screenwriting Lab: Live Reading. Such a funny and heartful script dealing with the ups and downs of the Los Angeles foster care system. We were directed by my buddy Jane Clark, of Crazy Bitches fame, and the other lovely ladies I got to act with were Dagney Kerr, Nayo Wallace (also a Crazy Bitches alum!) & Mandahla F. Rose.

Just wrapped up filming for a new national commercial today. No hints as to when we’ll see it but let me know if my face pops up on your screens. You’ll probably see it before I do!

My campaign for Old Navy is finally up! Check it out! I’ve got 5 different videos going on new media platforms. It was a wonderful shoot and I got to make a ton of crazy faces PLUS work with the actor Regan Burns, which was such a pleasure! Directed by Alf Seccombe and produced by RadicalMedia.

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :52

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :22

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :15

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :15 v.2

Retail Therapy — starring the Old Navy Credit Card — :05

I am so excited to let you all know I am going to be on NCIS this week! The episode is called “The Wall” on Tuesday March 28th at 8PM ET / 7PM CST on CBS. I play Bridget O’Leary…and that is about all I can tell you! Spoilers and all of that. Just make sure to watch the entire episode!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people on this episode! I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with almost all of the main cast members and they couldn’t have been more welcoming or supportive. Not only was it great to work on tv’s most-watched show, but to have the opportunity to work with two very talented woman was the cherry on top! The episode was directed by Bethany Rooney, who was so efficient and creative, and written by Gina Lucita Monreal, who made sure she was always available in case we had any questions!

I just spent the last 2 weeks filming a great episode for an amazing tv show. As usual, I can’t give you any details. But as soon as I get an air date I should be able to spill a few more beans. Keep checking back for all of the details!

I am so happy to let you know my film The Storyteller got accepted into the Sedona International Film Festival!

Here have the dates and times for our screenings:

The first one is Thursday, February 23rd at 9pm.

The second one is in their BIG theater and will be on Saturday, February 25th, at 3pm.

We hope to see you there! Sadly I can’t make this one because I will be filming in Los Angeles for another project but I am so excited for everyone that can be there and see it live with an audience. It is such a special film and I know you are all going to love it!


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How cool is this?!?! Images from our film The Storyteller are being used by Arri Alexa Mini to show the capabilities of their cinema camera. Kudos to Director of Photography, Daniel Clarke, for his beautiful work!!!


My peeps with The Storyteller, the feature film I shot this summer, have put together a second trailer for our film. Watch for a sneak peak at even more goodies from our upcoming movie!


The love of an enchanted young girl brings wonder and healing to a broken family.

On the run from her mysterious past and guided by a fairy that no one else can see, Abby sparks a daisy chain of compassion, bringing joy and music back into the family.

The Storyteller is a powerful exploration of belief and the true definition of family.


The film was produced from an award winning original screenplay titled, “The Storyteller.” Out of nearly 9,000 feature length screenplays submitted last year, our script won second place in the Family Film category for the prestigious “PAGE International Screenplay Awards.”

Starring: Samantha Colburn, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Cassidy Mack, Constance Towers, James Snyder, Eden Espinosa & Kristina Wagner

Directed By: Joe Crump

Written By: Joe Crump, Rachel Noll

Produced By: Rachel Noll


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