M&Ms “Devour”

When Ms. Brown introduces Red to a chocolate loving beauty, things quickly get ugly. Watch out for Samantha as Kristen the Chocoholic!

Best Night Ever – Red Band Trailer – Mature Audiences Only

For Mature Audiences Only
Best Night Ever is a raging new comedy available now on Netflix, the R-rated film stars Desiree Hall, Samantha Colburn, Eddie Ritchard and Crista Flanagan.

In Best Night Ever, Claire is about to get married and she goes to Las Vegas with her sister and two friends for her bachelorette party. Things quickly spiral out of control.

Criminal Minds

Scenes from the “Nanny Dearest” episode of CBS’s Criminal Minds featuring Samantha as grief-stricken Melody Payton whose two-year-old daughter is kidnapped by a serial killer.

Hart of Dixie

Here’s a clip from the “Sparks Fly” episode of The CW’s Hart of Dixie featuring Samantha as the sassy Evelyn who tries to retrieve her stolen dog from George’s (Scott Porter) girlfriend Tancy (Mircea Monroe).

Comedy Reel

Selections from the comedic series Rock & Roll, Inc., with Samantha as the newly hired Erin, a high-strung, stressed out business manager who is in charge of an aging rock star and his eccentric family.

House M.D.

Selections from the episode “Braveheart” from House M.D. featuring Samantha alongside Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein.

Southwest Airlines “Rental Car”

After purchasing their flights with Southwest Rapid Reward Points, two lovely ladies decide to upgrade to their rental car with all of the money they saved.

Progressive Insurance “Double Life”

While pumping gas, Dale’s emasculating wife exposes his double life.

Allstate Insurance “Ike”

Allstate Home Expert Mike Holmes meets his look-a-like, Ike, while inspecting a customer’s home.

USA’s Summer Camp Promo

Comedic Promo for USA Network’s new reality series that brings adults back to Summer Camp – where they will take part in over-the-top, camp-inspired competitions.

TWIX® Bites “Virtual Pet”

Wondering why they didn’t come out with Twix Bites in the ‘90s? It might have had something to do with their office pet.

Jane by Design

Scene from “The Finger Bowl” episode of ABC Family’s Jane By Design featuring Samantha as a clueless, vegan waitress who tries to help Jane (Erica Dasher) decide what exactly is “half-vegan”.

Drama Reel

Acting demo reel with clips from the Cannes Film Festival selection Cessation with Samantha as Selena, an Angel of Death who simply wants a new boyfriend for the afterlife. Featuring Dennis Haysbert as God.

Erin’s eHarmony Video

Online Dating Video from the series Rock & Roll, Inc. featuring Samantha as the tightly-wound business manager Erin who is searching for Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now.

Sprint – Too Rich To Care – Auction

Some people are just plain stupid rich. Because, after all, “money doesn’t spend itself!” For the rest of us there’s Sprint.

Ford Escape “The Heist”

Two hot dames with technology on their side plan the perfect heist — picture perfect in fact. See how the Ford Escape makes a clean and very efficient getaway.

Burger King “Exotic”

A woman gets caught up in the new hot and spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips now at BURGER KING®!

John Hancock “A Different World”

Marriage leads to new beginnings of a different world, and John Hancock strives to provide customers with the investment and retirement advice they want.

Best Buy “Microsoft 2-in-1 Beta Test”

As the authority on computers, it’s up to Best Buy’s blue shirts to beta test all the latest and greatest computers, like the Windows 2-In-1s.

“How Poise® Makes Life Easier”

Who pees a little when they laugh? After having 4 kids, Brooke Burke-Charvet knows life can be hectic and that Poise® can help women.

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