A Little Hometown Love

A Little Hometown Love

There is nothing like getting a little hometown love to start your day off right – especially the kind you had no idea was coming. I was wondering why I was getting so many facebook friend requests in the span of a few hours when someone kindly forwarded me the following article from a local South Dakota radio station:

Who is the Hot Looking Red Head From Sioux Falls That is in the ‘M&M’s’ Commercial?

Lookout January Jones, Mary Hart, and Pat O’Brien, there’s a new comer that is starting to make some noise in the acting community that also originates from Sioux Falls.
Her name is Samantha Colburn.
You might have seen Samantha recently in a 2013 M&M’s commercial titled “Devour.” She played an extremely attractive red head name Kristin, that has a hard time steering clear of chocolate.

Many thanks to Marc Elliot and the whole gang at b102.7 for the shout out!

Read all the gory details HERE


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