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I am so excited to announce that I have officially joined the team of the upcoming feature film The Storyteller as the lead Maggie! We are planning to shoot in July for three weeks in Indiana. Yup, gonna be hot and humid so bring on the curly hair!

Written by our Emmy Award-nominated director Joe Crump and our producer Rachel Noll, and shot by our cinematographer Dan Clarke, The Storyteller will be produced from an award winning original screenplay. Out of nearly 9,000 feature length screenplays submitted last year, our script won second place in the Family Film category for the prestigious “PAGE International Screenplay Awards.”

The Storyteller is a powerful exploration of imagination, belief, love and the true definition of family, as seen through the eyes of a remarkable young girl. Infused with music, magic and elements of Peter Pan, The Storyteller is Finding Neverland meets Once meets the underlying darkness of Pan’s Labyrinth.

I will be starring alongside some very talented performers! Constance Towers, Kristina Wagner and Brooklyn Silzer all of General Hospital fame, Cassidy Mack of Zoey to the Max, plus James Snyder from Broadway’s If/Then and Eden Espinosa from Broadway’s Wicked!

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Check out my latest commercial! Shot back in February. Featuring the wonderful Stephanie Courtney as Flo, Austin Horick as my husband Dale and Billy Jayne as his biker buddy.

“While pumping gas, Dale’s double life is exposed. His biker friend Rob, after recognizing his friend, asks him what the minivan is all about. Attempting to deny ownership, his plans are ruined when his wife pops her head out the window to ask if he needs moisturizer and if his tummy is calm enough to ride in the front seat. Progressive spokesperson Flo tells Dale to own it — plenty of people drive a car as well as a bike, and if you bundle the insurance for both he might save money. However, the reputation damage is already done in front of his motorcycle buddy.”

What a great Valentine’s Day present!?!? I booked another national commercial this week. Shooting next week some time. Yay!

As always check back often and I will let you know the details as soon as it starts to air!

Who pees a little when they laugh? I guess this ginger does! Check out my new Poise commercial that rolled out this week!

It was so much fun on set! Brooke Burke-Charvet was a pleasure to work with. Too bad our whole Busby Berkeley number didn’t make it in the final cut. But it was a blast on set working with those giant “pads”. And no, that is not a wig – it is all me baby!

Directed by Fred Goss with Bullitt and starring Brooke Burke-Charvet, it is part of Poise’s “Seize your Poise moment” campaign. After having 4 kids, Brooke Burke-Charvet knows life can be hectic and that Poise┬« can help women.

And here it is! Check out Dixie Perkinson and I in the new Southwest Airlines commercial! Keep your eyes peeled during football cause I hear it is playing heavy during the games.

Directed by Jun Diaz and produced by Smuggler Inc.

Southwest Airlines “Rental Car”

After purchasing their flights with Southwest Rapid Reward Points, two lovely ladies decide to upgrade to their rental car with all of the money they saved.

I can’t wait to share this one with y’all. I had so much fun on set today! It is always so hard keeping all of the details secret until it airs. I think this one will come out in the fall, around football time. So keep your eyes peeled and let me know as soon as you see it. You all usually spot it before I know it’s even out!

Who’s dat rich beyotch? ME! It’s MMMMEEEEEE! I mean who can resist a girl in leopard! Right? Check out my new Sprint commercial that rolled out today!

Directed by Wayne McClammy with Hungry Man Productions and co-starring Grace Bannon, it is part of Sprint’s “Some People Are Just Too Rich To Care” campaign where “Some people are stupid rich. For the rest of us there’s Sprint.”

What a great birthday present! Shooting a new national commercial this week. More details to come!

Last night was our Los Angeles Premiere for Crazy Bitches! So much fun getting back together with all of my crazy bitches and getting wild with the cast and crew!


AND Starting today Crazy Bitches is now available On Demand via Time Warner, Comcast, Cox, AT&T U-verse, and Dish Network among other platforms and on iTunes, Amazon, and more!

The film is available for Pre-Order! Get your Valentine’s Day shopping out of the way today. Because there may be “50 Shades of Grey” Valentine’s Weekend, but there’s only one Shade of Red: Crazy Bitches. Stay Home, Cuddle Up.